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4th of July & 50th Birthday Treats….

7 Jul

Hello again from cuppiecake land… I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL 4th of July… I had a GREAT Holiday weekend filled with LOTS of family and friend time along with baking some festive treats!!

I ❤ when I get to bake, especially when I can let my creative juices flow… I was a busy little bee last week and last weekend baking for my co-workers as well as baking for a 50th Birthday and the 4th of July celebration on the Daily Double… I found a new recipe that I ❤ and is a hit with everyone!

Here is the link for the recipe: (I use a different color depending on the Holiday)!

Photo of my festive creation for the co- workers:

(I used blue food coloring for these, but forgot to take a photo of the actual cake)

Photo of my FAVORITE creation of the weekend:

(I used the same recipe as above, but used Lemon Cake and Lemon Pudding instead… It was a yummy, moist treat that I can’t wait to make again 🙂 )

**Freddo (Captain/Owner of the Daily Double) turned 50, so I made him his very own carrot cake with my yummy secret recipe… Hope he enjoyed it as much as others do when I make it ;)**

Here is a photo of the cake and last minute decorating (Not my fave/best decorating at all, but its the thought and flavor that count 🙂 )

Well, that’s it for the 4th of July festivities!!!


**Coming Soon……. (Salk Institute Cupcake contest idea and creation)**


Pricing Info…

7 Jul

Do you have an event coming up and need yummy cuppiecakes or cakes?!?!?  I think you have come to the right place… Below is “Cuppiecakesbyemilee” pricing info… Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info or if you have questions =)






6 CuppieCakes $6.50
12 CuppieCakes $11.50
18 CuppieCakes $15.00
24 CuppieCakes $18.50
36 CuppieCakes $25.00


6 CuppieCakes $5.00
12 CuppieCakes $8.00
18 CuppieCakes $11.00
24 CuppieCakes $14.00
36 CuppieCakes $17.75


Single Layer Cake (Character/Seasonal): $12
Double Layer Cake (Character/Seasonal): $14
Single Layer Cake (Icing &/or Writing – no decorations): $10
Double Layer Cake (Icing &/or Writing – no decorations):$12


Welcome to Cuppiecakesbyemilee!!!

9 May

Hello and welcome to my world of cuppiecakes.. I am SO excited to share my baking with everyone.. Don’t forget to check back for daily updates and photos.. I have LOTS in store and can’t wait to get everything setup and going.. Back to brainstorming and idea making I go.. Have a cupcake filled day =)